South Rhodes

South Rhodes

This is unspoilt Rhodes.

The area of South Rhodes is our home. Which means we know it intimately. And this hidden corner of Rhodes is a world apart from the bustling Medieval Town and hectic tourist resorts.
This is unspoilt Rhodes. This is peaceful Rhodes. This is authentic Greece.


The quaint village of Lachania sits just inland, just a couple of minutes away from Alykés villas, at the base of the island’s mountainous spine. Renowned as one of the most beautiful villages in Rhodes, it oozes traditional charm. Vivid bougainvillea clings to whitewashed houses, and daily life centres on the village square under the shade of the large plane tree.


Our villas are inspired by Greek nature, something echoed in both their design and their names. Alykés translates as saltern, a set of pools where seawater evaporates to make sea salt; there are some natural alykés just along the coast from the villas. The individual villas are named Neró (water), Vráchos (rocks) and Aláti (salt), reflecting the individual elements necessary for alykés.


South Rhodes is a region full of traditional villages waiting to be explored. From the famous Acropolis of Lindos to the rich flora and fauna at Apolakia dam, there’s an exciting story to be revealed. Monasteries, luscious green forests, waterfalls and mountains paths, all worth discovering. Secluded tropical beaches, with cedars trees tipping their leaves to the emerald waters, coves with fine sand and pebbly beaches make up the most pristine and enchanting coastline on the island.

Rhodian Gastronomy

Rhodes is paradise for food lovers. But Rhodian food also plays an integral role in local culture and daily life. So one of the best ways to really get to know the island is by exploring its culinary heritage. Discover the hidden village tavernas and unravel a unique and delicious legacy in Rhodian food.


Prasonisi, one of the most attractive and phenomenal places in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding both at beginner and advanced level. It is made up of two sandy coves and offers perfect sailing conditions, with flat water and waves in one location. The very reliable Meltemi wind which gets a local boost here due to the area’s special topography, gives the area stronger winds than anywhere else on the island.