Alykés - A hollow in which seawater is received and evaporated


Set beside the peaceful, sand-and-pebble beach at Lachania, Alykés is a collection of three private high-end villas, each with their own swimming pool. Our stylish beachside retreats are located along the quiet, undeveloped, southeastern coast of Rhodes island.

Alykés translates as saltern, a set of pools where seawater evaporates to make sea salt; there are some natural alykés just along the coast from the villas.

The individual villas are named Neró (water), Vráchos (rock) and Aláti (salt), reflecting the individual elements necessary for alykés.

With a stylish open-plan design, superb views, laid-back beach vibes and amazing private pools they’re perfect for sharing magical memories with your loved ones. Great for families, couples or groups of friends.

About Us

Alykés is the materialization of our childhood memories, our grandparent’s simple life in Lachania, our parent’s unique South of Rhodes, our happy place from the past to the now. Unspoilt Rhodian living in the deep South.